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way-of-the-taibhsear-book-coverThe Way of the Taibhsear: Handbook of the Order of the Taibhsear
by Sencha

“Taibhsear” is the Gaelic equivalent of the word “shaman.” It means “vision seeker” or “seer.” The Way of the Taibhsear is the handbook of the Order of the Taibhsear. This year-and-a-day study guide gives you a good basic foundation in Druidry and Shamanism as practiced by the Order of the Taibhsear. The Earth Path of the Way of the Taibhsear is about our relationship to earth and all of nature. The Sun Path is about our relationship to the divine, and the Moon Path is about our relationship to ourselves. Taken together this triad of Earth/Sun/Moon comprises the Way of the Taibhsear.

Paperback: 312 pages
ISBN-10: 1537185993
ISBN-13: 978-1537185996

Playing Chess with Pigeons: A Compendium of Fundamentalist Apologetics and Their Refutations

by Chuck Hall
List Price: $8.95
196 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1490386843
ISBN-10: 149038684X
BISAC: Philosophy / General

There’s an old joke that debating with a theist is like playing chess with a pigeon. The theist flies in with a lot of noise, knocks over all the chess pieces, craps all over the board, then flies away squawking about ‘victory.’

If you’ve ever spent any time debating with a fundamentalist theist, you’re probably familiar with the maxim that, “You cannot reason with someone who has abandoned reason.”

Or as Dr. Greg House of television’s House, M.D. said, “If you could reason with religious people, there’d be no religious people.”

Admittedly, using reason with someone incapable of reason is an exercise in futility. So why bother? The answer I give when I am asked this question is, “I don’t do it because I expect to convert a fundamentalist to my way of thinking. I do it so that others who think the way I do will realize that they are not alone.

If you’re one of those people, this book is for you.

Call-of-the-Coyote-COVER-copyCall of the Coyote by Chuck Hall
Have you heard the Call of the Coyote? Here are a few questions to help you to recognize if Coyote is calling you:
•You have a deep concern for the environment and all life
•Family is extremely important to you
•You use humor as a teaching tool
•You like to challenge everyone’s beliefs, including your own
•You are a fierce protector and loyal friend
•You have an ability to ‘walk between the worlds’
•You had dreams and visions as a child
•You have an inner sense that you were born for a higher purpose
•You are willing to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them
•You have a no-nonsense approach to things that matter
•You have a way of cutting through the extraneous to get to the heart of the matter beneath the façade
•You feel more at home in the woods than in a city
•You have often been attracted to nature
•Traditional forms of spirituality and religion don’t seem to fit you
•You want to make a difference and leave a legacy
•You have a natural gift for teaching and explaining things to others

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may have heard the Call of the Coyote. Chuck Hall’s forthcoming book discusses what it is to answer the Call of the Coyote.

The Black Mountain Druid Order Handbook
Druidry is a nature-centered spiritual path. As practiced by the Black Mountain Druid Order, it is more of a philosophy and a way of life than a religion. This Handbook is a basic introduction to Druidry as practiced by the Black Mountain Druid Order. The teachings of the Black Mountain Druid Order may be summarized in the Four Sacred Pillars of our Order. These Four Sacred Pillars are: 1.Reverence for Nature and our Ancestors. 2.Respect for diversity and individuality. 3.Service to the Grove, to the community, and to the world. 4.Spiritual and personal growth. These Four Sacred Pillars may be summarized as: Reverence, Respect, Service, & Growth.