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Beginning Mindfulness

Beginning Mindfulness by Charlton Hall, MMFT, LMFT/S

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This series of recordings includes the following tracks:

1 Acceptance Meditation: This track helps you to achieve a more open and accepting view of life by exploring the mindful skill of radical acceptance.
Length: 6:45

2 Basic Meditation: For those with little or no experience in mindful meditation, this track is the place to start.
Length: 6:55

3 Insomnia: A relaxing guided meditation accompanied by flute music and nature sounds to help you fall asleep.
Length: 13:06

4 Mindful Body Scan: Relax your entire body with this peaceful track, accompanied by ocean waves and Native American flute.
Length: 18:24

5 Mindful Walking: Meditation can also be set to motion! This track teaches you how to turn a walk into a meditation.
Length: 10:30

6 Sacred Space: ‘Sacred’ means ‘a place set apart.’ This guided meditation teaches you how to create your own sacred space.
Length: 12:33